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The MSD Show

Learn how to deliver quality software, on-time, and within budget!

  Resource Planning
This is a simple resource planning template that can be used to plan resource allocation across 10 different project, capture actual hours worked on these projects, and compare how well planning matched the actual efforts.
  Performance Management
This simple Excel template can be used to calculate a Relative Ranking score based on behaviors and Goals.This simple Excel template can be used to calculate a Relative Ranking score based on behaviors and Goals.
  Efficient use of Meetings
The Meeting Agenda/Meeting Minutes template is used to set an agenda and track the activities within a meeting.
IMPORTANT: Since info path uses a fixed location for publishing, you must open it in design mode first to correct the location addressing.
1. Open Microsoft's InfoPath
2. File \ Design a form template
3. Navigate to the GenericAgendaMinutes.xsn file.
4. Save the file in a location of your choice.
These steps will correct the published location URL and then you can open the file for your use.

You can switch between Agenda and Minutes by using the View menu in InfoPath.
  Efficient use of Meetings
The Meeting Costing Template is a simple Microsoft Excel sheet that demonstrates how much a meeting really costs.
  Risk Management Process
This is a simple Microsoft Excel Risk Template for managing and prioritizing project risks.
This document discusses a Generic Fault Process that you can tailor for your organization.
About the Host
The Managing Software Development (MSD) Show discusses various approaches, tools, and techniques to delivering quality software on-time and on-budget. Your host, James Edgell, will share his career experiences so that you can learn how to become a better software development manager. Mr. Edgell has twenty plus years experience in Software Application development, including seventeen years experience in mobile wireless data. He has served in managing the development of Motient's nationwide messaging system that provided the foundation of the first BlackBerry wireless network. At Motorola, Mr. Edgell oversaw multiple successful software development efforts in the public safety, federal, and national security sectors, his final management project at Motorola included complete responsibility of all enterprize applications for the Motorola Q project. Currently Mr. Edgell holds the position of Principal Partner and Chief Technical Architect.
The Podcasts
# Date Size Name Description
9 8/14/08 10.6 MB  Resource Planning In this show James Edgell discusses an alternate way to Microsoft Project for performing effective resource allocations across multiple projects. The approach can also be used to track actual resource allocations and between data sets, a comparison can be made to determine how well your organization has executed to plan.
8 7/14/08 8.46 MB Formal Reviews The Formal Review Process is useful for catching defects early in the software development process, such as requirements or code reviews.
7 6/30/08 10.5 MG Cost of Quality This show discusses a Six-Sigma metric known as Cost of Quality (COQ) and how it can be used to shed light on the cost of delivering a product as well as identifying how much cost your defects are totaling.
6 6/10/08 18.2 MG Performance Management This show presents a system to improve your resources performance through defined goals and behavioral improvement.
5 5/29/08 18.5 MB Efficient use of Meetings This show discusses how to identify costly inefficient meetings and replace them with an alternative communication channel. The second half discusses the need for meeting agendas and meeting minutes.
4 5/11/08 9.30 MB Risk Management Process This show presents a simple but effective risk management process.
3 4/4/08 17.6 MG Defects This show discusses Defects and how to processes and analyze them.
2 3/30/08 12.5 MG Software Methodologies An overview of a few Software Methodologies and their purpose.
1 3/30/08 5.92 MB Introduction This show gives an overview on what to expect in the upcomming shows.
Recommended Books
This book is required reading for all of my software engineers. It has many proactive approaches to developing quality software.
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