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DMS Fax Services
DMS Intenet Mail is a fax notification server. Notifications can be sent to any fax receiving device. 
File Attachments
This add-on module enables support for sending fax messages with printed file attachments such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files.

Data Messenger Server - Fax Services
Data Messenger Server (DMS) is an alert notification server that continuously monitors an existing database. You specify the criteria and DMS will generate fax notifications  automatically with any number of customizable cover sheets. DMS is neither a gateway nor an Application Programming Interface (API), it is an independent server application.
There are no limits to the ways that DMS can be applied to your business. If your information is of critical importance, DMS can make sure that the related data no longer falls through the cracks. DMS is so flexible that it is impossible to list all of the ways that it can be implemented; here are a few examples of how we have seen it applied:
  • Automatically generate a fax to reorder the correct amount when an inventory item falls below the reorder level.
  • Generate a fax to confirm your customer's order.
  • Fax an information sheet immediately after receiving a customers request for product information  your website.
  • Automatically fax documents that require a signature when reaching the correct phase in a complex business process.
  • Batch your outgoing faxes until later in the night when rates are cheaper.
  • Automate your interaction with customer’s that are still not technology savvy.

Generate Notifications without an Event!
DMS does not require an action such as a user generated event to send a notification. If you have data that needs to be monitored for lack of action, such as an order taking too long to fulfill or an issue not being addressed in a timely manner, DMS can handle it.

Easy to Install
DMS is a shrink-wrap solution that installs out-of-the-box using the same setup program as most Windows applications.

Easy to Configure
All notification commands are created using standard wizards to guide a user through the proper command setup, notification commands can be setup in as little as five minutes. This short setup time is in great contrast to the time, expense, and complexity it takes to develop a custom application, database trigger, stored procedure, or implement a middleware solution. DMS pays for itself after a single use!

Works with existing software
DMS directly monitors one or multiple databases for specific data events resulting in the immediate construction of a fax message that is sent to any fax compatible device. Since DMS monitors the data directly, no changes to your existing software or applications are necessary.

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