Thursday, December 14, 2017
Email Notifications
  Keep your customers up-to-date on status or maintain an opt-in newsletter using our email notification software. You decide what information is important for your customers to be kept current in real-time.
Visual Notifications
  Sensitize your organization to key metrics in real-time by displaying them visually on an overhead LED sign. 
Fax Notifications
  Automate your inventory replenishment by faxing order requests when inventory is running low or fax key information to business partners that are not as technology innovative as your organization.
Data Notification Servers


Today current information is crucial to the success of your business. To stay current, you need to guarantee that important information does not fall through the cracks with constant monitoring and dispatching to the appropriate resources for immediate action. Data Messenger Server can provide both monitoring and dispatching of your critical information in a variety of delivery options such as email, faxes, pagers, and LED signs. Data Messenger Server is so easy to use; it will pay for itself after a single use when compared to having the equivalent notification written by in-house staff.

Here are few advantages of using Data Messenger Server:

  • No programming – commands are created with a wizard interface.
  • Simple to use – new notifications can be created in a few minutes.
  • Service architecture – always running, even if a user is not logged in.
  • Central control – all notifications can be controlled from a single location.
  • Works with any database, even Microsoft Access!


 Data Messenger Server is a notification server that runs on the existing Windows platforms. Using the Structured Query Language (SQL) statements, DMS monitors any Active Data Object (ADO) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant databases for specified changes in data and formats this data into notifications for forwarding to desired networks.
DMS is a standalone application that requires no programming or special interfaces. SoftExit designed DMS to be extremely easy to use. All notification commands are created using standard wizards to guide a user through the proper command setup. Once a user possesses rudimentary knowledge of DMS, notification commands can be setup in as little as five minutes. This short setup time is in great contrast to the time and expense it would take to develop a custom application, database trigger, stored procedure, or middleware.

The concept of Data Messenger Server is a simple one; any SQL command that generates records can produce email, fax, or pager notification. Alternately, data can be streamed to an LED scrolling sign in real-time. The complexities of scheduling, formatting, logging, tracing, error tracking, and complex communication protocols have been shielded from the user.

There is no Application Programming Interface (API) to learn, your application only needs to store its own data into virtually any popular database and DMS does the rest. We said it was simple!

If your information is of critical importance, DMS can make sure that the related data does not fall through the cracks! Download a trial version today and get started.
Microsoft Says
  "Microsoft’s vision is to give people the ability to be connected any time, anywhere and on any device," said Vimal Sethi, product manager for the Mobility Group at Microsoft Corp. "SoftEXIT’s Data Messenger Server is helping us achieve that vision by providing users with constant access to their most important information."
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